Mufasa Mufasa Mufasa! Or perhaps it's Simba....

Starting the tour on the north end of Hosier Lane we have a lions head from the classic film that is as old as I am - The Lion King.

This piece of art is different from the others because it's not actually paint. As you can see it's a length of plasticy string wound around the criss-cross mesh of the wire gate. It's making use of space that could not be painted or pasted on. Unless it's physically removed it can't be painted over unlike the majority of what else is in the laneway.

It's unique and stood out to me as there is nothing else like it presently in Hosier Lane and because every time I watch the Lion King I have a feels trip as I relate to Simba running away from his life troubles. The songs, the annimation, the real life parallels, the frienship... There really is a lot of simbalism.