Hosier Lane

The second stop of street art sightseeing which is close to the very famous Federation Square will be Hosier lane. It is more famous than Federation Square in street artists’ heart and the most famous alley way of street art. Here you will see a very well-known and heavily photographed mural painting of Ganesh by Deb. Be prepared for a bursting visual impact. Deb didn’t do it for any deep religious reason but only the aesthetics values. Deb’s Ganesh is a very smooth start to help you get to know the religious element in street art of Melbourne. There is no “weirdness ” but pure beauty. The painting has been restored for several times and always left on the wall without covering up, even on the wall of Hosier lane. Will it stimulate your interest on the Hinduism? Perhaps you have already asked, at the first sight of the painting: who is this deity with an elephant head? Yes, you will see different figures from different religions. Melbourne is a cultural melting-pot and the respect shown by the street artist is the best evidence.