Stop 2

This second image demonstrates a very physical disregard for the law. Despite the government’s intentions to use the cameras to reduce illegal activity, it has unintentionally become a significant piece of street art itself. Perhaps in an attempt to show they are in charge, the vandal has not completely removed the wire guard, leaving it in a show of control rather than fear. The wire cage adds a third dimension to the art in Hosier Lane along side other sculptures such as pieces by Junky or Will Coles. Most often they design their pieces to be overlooked, sometimes as rubbish or as continuations of the surroundings. The crooked cage slips into this category of street art with its ability to blend into the background. People will often look at the camera but only subconsciously register the intention and message of damaging the cage. Maybe this is analogous with the way people do not place enough concern on the fact that there are cameras constantly monitoring our behaviour. The next piece attempts to bring attention to this detail.