Stop 3

Continuing with a focus on surveillance and the notion that we are being watched, the two pieces captured in this image work together to send a very ironic message. The soft blending of predominantly warm colours in the ANZAC mural, aid in a show of appreciation for the freedom the soldiers fought for. Furthermore, the identity of a soldier is considered as a whole army through the use of stencilled black silhouettes. Unlike most other pieces in Hosier Lane, this piece by Kil Productions has not been capped, an obvious sign of respect by other artists. Strategically placed above the ANZAC mural, is the paste up of Tony Abbott. The caption is a phrase from the book Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell – which demonstrates the attempt to gain control of people’s minds by making them believe two contradictory beliefs. This piece is attacking the Australian Liberal Party, implying that their policies are based on a similar totalitarian state. The books “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” posters are paralleled with this paste-up design mimicking propaganda. The use of a paste-up is comparable to these propaganda posters both in material, writing style and colour scheme. The artist is able to print many of these, quickly paste them up and easily saturate an area. Looking at this image as a whole, we are able to see the irony between the freedom we feel and the ability of the government to control and watch us.