Stop 5

It doesn’t stop at just Australia; the roots of surveillance are embedded in all cultures and countries. This piece aligns the USA and the Soviet Unions view that, whether true or not, they are the powerhouses or superheroes of the world. However, the caption around the outside reading “The Mathematics of Hate” is indicative of a kind of self-destruction, which has already resulted in the demise of the Soviet Union. It is based on the principle that when hate is matched with more hate, it doesn’t cancel out, it doubles. As mentioned earlier, many of the themes from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four are based on the real life circumstances of life in the Soviet Union. The unmatched level of control and intrusive surveillance of their populations lead to the hate the people had for their nations, and so their demise. The old school cartoon style superman offers symbols of their countries power while their placement behind bars, like the Murdoch piece, is deliberate to simultaneously dismiss it.