Stop 5: Revolver Upstairs

It sometimes seems inevitable; an evening on Chapel St leads to a night in Revolver - one of Melbourne’s largest and most (in)famous clubs. With music playing from night until early in the morning several days later, ‘Revs’ is a great way to both cap off a night with friends, and meet a new day, with great coffee served from early morning downstairs.

Just as a night on Chapel inevitably leads to Revolver, a conversation about street art always leads to Banksy, and this tour is no different. Revolver is home to the last known undamaged works from Banksy’s 2003 visit to the city, among works from many other local and international artists. Be sure to check out the poster wall, which is rotated through monthly, or the Seasons of Change area, where work is buffed and replaced every three months.

This marks the end of the tour, and hopefully the start of a great night on the town, so chill out, have fun, and remember to stop to check out the side streets the next morning. You never know what you’ll find.