Stop Five - Makatron McDeath Burger

This artwork by Makatron, consists of a burger that is filled with the usual ingredients such as lettuce, tomato and mustard, alongside unusual ingredients such as piano keys, a woman’s legs, a barcode, cigarettes and the Australian flag. This giant mural makes a comment on the impact of consumerism in our community and aims to make consumers question our everyday choices. The aptly labelled ‘M4katron De4th Burg3r’ barcode represents the human brain and mind, and seems to question what we let saturate our intellect and fuel our bodies. The cigarettes and mushrooms represent the toxins that we ingest while the bare woman’s legs symbolize sexual objectification of woman in society. The rotting fish makes us question the quality of our food in a world full of pollution and the USB observes our unhealthy relationship with technology. The Aboriginal flag could reference the way in which Indigenous culture is used as a commercial attraction. All of these layers rest on a skull with a docile smile that sits atop 50 and 100 dollar notes on a comfortably padded burger bun, encouraging humanity to think about our naivety towards society’s consumption choices. It is easy to forget the choices we make when our chins rest comfortably on the security of money and a superficial burger bun.