Location 2: Melbourne GPO

Cameron Mcauliffe maintains “Graffiti typically relates to a range of practices from tagging through to elaborate “pieces” (from masterpiece) with a focus on stylized words and text, usually including the tag name of the artists/writers and their associated crew” (Mcauliffe 2012). Tagging is typically unaesthetic where as a masterpiece or mural may have more value and beauty. Melbourne’s GPO which was formerly Melbourne’s General Post Office and currently a shopping mall on Elizabeth and Bourke street rarely has any graffiti on it. The GPO is clearly prioritized by the city to be kept clean because it is not only a landmark but also an area of business. It is not uncommon to see city workers and people on probation cleaning the walls of the building if need be. It is also very visible and under heavy surveillance therefore artist who chose to mark the area do not have the luxury of time so they must move swiftly. This results in tags such as the one that says “RIP Dan” on the buildings pillars as apposed to murals and masterpieces. Surprisingly Will Coles also managed to cement one of his signature sculptures onto the property. It is an old television with the word “obsolescence” written on it, likely discrediting the usefulness of a TV.