Stop 5

Finally, at this last stop, is a popular mural by the street artist ‘Rone’ that he has painted in several locations. Rone is known to mainly stencil large images of women. Like Akid One, Rone’s images are of young, beautiful women. In 2014 he painted a wall in Berlin with three images of the same beautiful woman, conveniently next to a train line. Not only did he use the women to attract an audience, but also his choice of location was such that hundreds of commuters can see the images daily. Again this draws on the fact that beauty is a woman’s only strength, and Rone uses these beautiful women the same way advertisements and pornography do, as a mass-media motif to attract attention. Not only do these designs attract attention to his work, but also influence women to pay attention to themselves and feel self conscious. Like the women we see in advertisements and pornography, the women Rone paints are not real. His work renders unrealistic standards of beauty. Also by only painting young women, he projects the notion that women that are older than say, 25, are no longer art, when in fact they are just no longer useful to him. He’s confusing art with his needs for mainstream attention, robbing it of its artistic value and making it no less than a commercial ploy, which resonates with the state Collingwood is in now - commercially and historically confused.