Rutledge Lane

Rutledge Lane: Branching off from the iconic Hosier Lane, this little alleyway attracts a plethora of budding street artists and their admirers. The street is a constant reimagining of itself with works known to appear and disappear within the space of a day, such is the ever changing and terminable nature of street art.

In the August of 2013, artist Adrian Doyle took this idea to the next level by painting every inch of street art sky blue. The work was commissioned by the City of Melbourne and RMIT University, sparking outrage amongst street artists and followers all over. However almost immediately, local artists set about reclaiming the space once more: covering the blue with everything from tags to stickers to paste-ups. 

Within weeks the lane was covered, having returned to its usual state as an experimental playground for budding street artists and their ideas.

Now that you’re here, take a sticker and place it on something blue. It doesn’t matter if this is a garbage bin or a brick wall; you’re reclaiming a tiny spot of this iconic space.