Obelix! From the Asterix and Obelix comics and movies.

Obelix is a mehir sculptor and deliveryman. This one is different too: it's pasted up, behind these window bars, with a special glue concoction. Obelix has permanent superhuman strength which allows him to be such an efficient delivery man as menhirs are solid rock and super heavy.

Written on the menhir are: mortgage, credit card #1, car loan, bills, school fees, mobile phone, credit card #2, health insurance, Foxtel, internet, credit card #3, train tickets, more bills, electricity bill

Take this as you will, personally I see "give all of your bills and payments to Obelix to carry around and don't worry about it".
Or maybe it is more rounded and suggests that the weight that our bills and payments have on us is heavy... and that we act like they're not?

Another thing that you may or may not think about is what impact the jail like bars have over the art work. Or if the artist intended it to mean something... If the intent was that the weight that our bills and payments have on us is heavy AND that the impact it has on us makes us feel like we're imprisoned. 'These Romans are crazy!'