In my overview I spoke about the appeal of Hosier lane and how often it changes and how everything just gets painted over, and slapped over, and painted over again.

This southern end of the lane is a prime example:
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been painted over and then stickered over again!

Alternatively, to the right of this painting there is a mural dedicated in rememberance of the centenery of the ANZACs, which has been there for some time and has not been painted over yet! These artists, or maybe just Australians in general, have the respect or code or some sort of line that they do not not cross.

While I was in Hosier lane preparing this tour, an artist had rollered completely white a 10x3meter area so he could paint over it. The point I'm getting at is: Is that when these photo's, pieces of art, were put together to make this tour a week ago, they could no longer be there now. But that's the beauty of Hosier Lane! That's the fun thing about street art!