Finlay Lane

After the short break, you should head up to the center of CBD. Finlay lane is your next destination. It is not as famous as other laneways in Melbourne and very quiet, but you will always find surprise here. Who would imagine to find the Polish artist, Yola’s painting here? As the “one of the most unusual and innovative wheatpaste artists in the world”, Yola has left us with a very unusual wheatpaste: Venus from Botticelli’s most famous painting Primavera of Renaissace but and paste up with a random old woman with the same gesture of Venus in the classic painting. The goddess of love now turns into an old lady which indicates that anyone of any age can be the goddess of love. It is the new space outside the religion provided by Yola. If you come up with other reading and analysis of the painting, it would be even more worth going to see the original work, after all, it is very lucky of you to see someone so famous with such a collection of unusual works in Melbourne. It is the bonus given by Melbourne, the city of a cultural melting-pot.