Stevenson Lane

To end the day at Tattersalls lane is a very good choice. Here you have section 8 where you can chill out, but the most interesting place is just around the corner. Stevenson Lane is a very small alley which is full of commercial garbage bins. The ground is always wet and sticky due to the year-long exposure of kitchen ventilators from the back of the restaurants on Swanston Street. You will constantly see the cooks smoking in the alley during their breaks. You perhaps will be stunned and trying to stay away. If you do, you would miss out Muchu’s amazing Hinduism mural painting. Two serene monks totally give out the sense of the peace and calm. One of the monk is lifting up the giant eyelid, inside the other monk is doing meditation. The tears constantly flowing down because the eye is forced to open. It is open to see the world; to see everything around. The graffiti is no longer the representation of “ugliness” but the “eye” to look at the ugliness of the society. To relax your body and calm your heart with a piece of conscious art, and to end your Melbourne street art tour, hopefully you will feel and breathe more of Melbourne through all these religious elements. You will know, by the end of the day, the people in Melbourne have peace and calm in the heart transported through the veins of the city.