Rutledge Lane

When walking through Hosier Lane the walls are completely covered with talented street art and graffiti. However you do reach a spot that leads to another building and parking structure that is gated off. This area of Rutledge Lane stands out because the graffiti and street art here looks messy and like it requires little talent to construct. There is not substance to the work and the empty spray cans and litter that lie on the grounds behind the gate further contribute to the messiness of area. To many people this is what first comes to mind when they think of graffiti. It is important to see this kind of work so that you can recognize the difference between this and actual street art. In particular realistic street art takes a lot of time to construct and requires talent, skill and detail. The goal of many street artists is to create something beautiful or to portray a message to the public. This graffiti instead appears to be meaningless vandalism that is often criticized by the public eye. It is evident by comparing this area to the other walls of Hosier Lane that realistic street art is not only more visually appealing to the public but it is also more widely accepted by the public. This shows why one urban inscription is celebrated and why another is derided as vandalism. When compared to this, it is obvious why people have a higher appraisal to realistic street art.