Stop 2.

This paste up of the Australian continent with the word ‘Welcome’ in its center is the interest of our next stop. The belief that Australia is a culturally diverse, tolerant, and equitable society, founded on the core ideals and principles of egalitarianism is deeply engrained in the collective social imaginary of this nation. On a superficial level, Australia is most certainly multicultural insofar as it is accepting of the more palatable aspects of culture such as food, clothing and art, which can be observed on the streets. However, on a deeper level, The Australian government has demonstrated a lack of tolerance towards individuals and cultural practices which challenge the ‘Australian way of life’ and by extension the status quo. These people are often depicted as a problem and a threat, and more broadly as the ‘Other’. This paste up speaks directly to refugees who have undergone this process of ‘othering’ as a result of our government’s policies and discourse, which frames them as a danger. It reflects the sentiments the general population has towards refugees and challenges the idea that they’re unwelcome; which is consistently projected by our government.