Angus Young Heesco, ACDC Lane

The first stop on this walking tour is ACDC Lane, more affectionately known as “acca dacca” lane. Known for its “grungy” vibe, the art reflects the urban surroundings, which includes Melbourne’s Rock n’ Roll hub, Cherry Bar.

A popular establishment for visiting alternative rock and punk artists, the surrounding street art is commonly associated with rock icons ACDC to whom the lane was named for. Other works of art in the lane are reflective of this music scene, tattoo culture, and commonly feature animals. The works harness a darker colour palette and the lane tends to comprise of many large scale, stylised pieces.

This mural depicting Angus Young from ACDC is by Melbourne based artist Heesco. Situated at the top of the lane this work really draws you into the lane and sets the tone for the rest of space. Most Australian’s recognise this iconic musician straight away, due to his famous school-boy uniform attire and his signature stage antics that he performs during shows. Although Angus Young is now in his sixties, Heesco has characterised him as a vibrant and electric youthful figure with lightning bolts coming out of his guitar. This can be seen as a representation of the electrified feeling when seeing him perform, as a representation of his famed talent playing the electric guitar and also as a nod to their song Thunderstruck, which is not just a well-known song to the Australian population, but is considered an iconic anthem of the people.