Stop 2

Through the control the Instagram user possesses from the moment the photograph is conceived, the photo is reproduced in ways that may skew how the viewer sees or interprets it. Perhaps the angle makes the image unclear, the scale becomes unknown, the colors are manipulated, and so forth. This process leads to a new product which may garner different ideas, attitudes, or reactions than if someone had seen the street art piece in person. For example, this Instagram user has decided what to include in the frame and what to keep out, cropping just one part of a larger piece. The photo focuses on just the eye of a larger work, distorting the viewers idea or image of what the piece looks like in its entirety. We are unclear as to the size of the piece, where it is located, on what surface or what the rest of the image looks like. This reprocessing calls for a different reading of the work than if it was of the image in its entirety. If you are interested in seeing another photo that captures more of this piece, go to the photo uploaded two before this one by this same user.

click on the following hashtag, click on the photo uploaded by us, and follow your next set of directions #streetartstop3