Stop 3

Le Petit Voyeur is a printed limited edition visual arts publication from Copenhagen, Denmark. This photo posted is a photograph taken by photographer Soren Solkaer of graffiti artist Lee Quinones in front of Quinones's piece. Photographers such as Solkaer who take creative approaches to capturing images of street art have made it an art in itself. In this particular shot, Solkaer's highly staged photograph adds meaning to the street artist’s work, creating a sense of the artist freeing or releasing the birds. The way a photographer captures the art can serve to underscore or highlight the street artist’s message behind the piece or can even create his or her own message. Thus, the photographer has the opportunity to interpret the art and capture it on a way that reflects his or her own ideas surrounding the piece. Yet, these photographers are preservers of street art, a valued art in itself as street art often has a short existence as it can be painted over or destroyed. In fact, photographs of street art can become more influential than the piece itself. The image or visual element of street art is often what people find most appealing and photographers often exaggerate this element to create a sense of spectacularity. Particularly through digital platforms such as Instagram, these images can be more easily circulated.

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