Stop 4.

I found it interesting that this mural is situated within close proximity of the aboriginal boy mural in Fitzroy simply because together, they represent identities which are completely antithetical to one another. These two murals, in my opinion, fit within a broader narrative, which speaks of racism in Australia- Generally, and perhaps stereotypically, those who perpetuate it (Bogans) and those who experience it (indigenous). If we consider these two murals in relation to one another we can ask: which is the authentic Australian identity, and which had been adopted as the authentic Australian identity. When these painting first went up, many locals objected to it on the grounds that it was not aesthetically pleasing, and more so, that it was confronting. Perhaps it is confronting in that our national identity is constructed around the unsettling views and beliefs of individuals depicted in this representation. One striking aspect of this mural is the advertisement that has been plastered over it. It seems that there is no escape; if the art itself is not commodified, then the attention it attracts is exploited in order to sell commodities.