St Edmonds

St Edmonds epitomizes a trendy breakfast and brunch café with an industrial chic aesthetic. The once garage still has the original brick walls, old roller door and exposed metal pipes and air ducts which when combined with the denim aprons worn by staff preserve that original warehouse feel. The owner has however brought it to life with live plants placed around the café and the colourful artwork painted across the front.  The whole industrial concept coupled with the artwork and design I believe attracts two types of people. 1. “Beards, skinny jeans and good times”[1]- those who genuinely enjoy the café culture and food. 2.  Clickers and tourists who go there and use instagram as a platform to legitimise their location and gain recognition for being at a ‘trendy’ café. They may geo-tag their location, and use hash tags such as #streetart and #prahan, making me question whether if given an ultimatum, they would prefer eat the food or instagram it/the cafe. The street art and industrial elements I believe somewhat emulate the style and aesthetic of a ‘hip’ Fitzroy café to create its counter culture.


For more look up on instagram #stedmonds and follow various hashtags

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