Stop 2

In comparison to the street art slap posing as street art, this mural is a little more overt in the message it conveys. Unlike the slap, this mural is more visually appealing and looks like the typical work people picture when they think of street art- it is bright, colourful and created with a spray can. Within the images of firetrucks and flames there are two logos saying “international fire fighter union”. These aren’t obvious at first because there is so much happening within the artwork as well as the shadow from the oak tree. When you look closer on the tinted door you can see a logo for the united fire fighters union of Australia, so we are able to conjecture that the mural is an advertisement for the shop. As we can see, this mural has not been defaced or capped, in other words there are no tags or other works over the top. We can assume this is because the mural has been sealed with an anti-tagging agent, or has been commissioned by the council. Commissioned work would have been rare twenty years ago, as street art was more of a rebellious hobby, not a viable career like today.