Stop 4

This stencil artwork is a good example of how Melbourne’s street art has transformed to a mainstream culture in the last decade. In 2003 when the street artist Banksy visited Melbourne he started a major trend in the streets of Melbourne- stencilling. Banksy is an English street artist who is famous world-wide and has created a career out of stencilling with some of his works selling for millions. After Banksy came to Melbourne the stencilling craze became so popular and mainstreamed that Melbourne can be known as the stencil graffiti capital. The stencil at this stop is in fact an advertisement for the cheese factory is it spray painted onto- it is the cheese factories logo. Therefore out of the artworks so far, this would be the most overt. Not only is this stencil overt, it is also very easy to apply and messages can be conveyed within seconds. Some stencils however, like the street artist Elks stencils are more complex with layers of different shades or colours.