Making a Break For It

Walking into the car park on the left, you are now feeling very rebellious because you are completely ignoring the “NO TRESPASSING – PRIVATE PROPERTY” sign. How else would you appreciate this mural on the building that constitutes the right wall of the alley? The inherent sterility in the image, created by the bare tree, metal cage, metal bed frame and the winding red fabric is added to by the broken windows, apparent abandonment of the rooms inside and the bland yellow brick of the building. The only entity not bound by the fabric in the mural is the bird, which has managed to break free of the cage and all things connected to it. Unlike the caged parrot, this bird is not confined; although it carries a red tint which links it to the rest of the image, the bird exudes freedom as its wings clip the top of the building and it flies towards the sky above – it is not even bound by the two dimensions on which it is painted as it appears to transition into the three dimensional world.

A few more steps take you out of the alley and into the market place. The biggest similarity between the buzzing market place and this surprisingly lonely gem of an alley? The birds.