Stop 3. Crowns

Continue north up Nicholson until you reach the first laneway after the corner of Brunswick Road and Nicholson Street, or catch the 96 tram to stop 22, walk about 50 metres, and turn left into the lane.

One large grey wall will attract anyone and any style, easily observable at this stop in the tour. The different levels are worth considering as they provide an opportunity to build a discussion of placement and adapting to surroundings. The surrealist style piece, there since 2013, and the colourful piece below it mirror the white van that is slowly being enveloped by vines. This juxtaposition aptly expresses the notion that space is continually in a state of production.

It is also interesting to observe the crown in the piece below the two interpretive figures, illuminated with a yellow outline. The crown can symbolise many things in the culture of street art, but given the boldness and well-defined features of the piece in question, an appropriate understanding of it is as an assertion of the artist’s power and skill. This could suggest that there is a hierarchy and system of respect in the culture of street art, something to note when looking at tags over other people’s work – such as the one over the adjacent piece that reads “Don’t cap my mural kunt…”.

After considering all of that information, this stop also provides the opportunity to stop for a coffee and/or food at two great cafes – Carolina or Green Park!