Location 5

The final destination is out of the way but definitely worth seeing. The Geelong Powerhouse located in North Geelong has been abandoned for 45 years and is now one of the most amazing legal spaces for graffiti. The place is ever changing so it provides a thrilling experience no matter how many times you visit. Many artists have made their mark including Melbourne artist Rone and not surprisingly, in the photo you can see on the pillars the work of Glummo. While the work inside is incredibly eye catching and aesthetic, the most impacting sight is seeing the building for the first time just before you go into the entrance.

The sad thing about this place is that it is far away from Geelong’s CBD so many people would not venture to find it. Unless you know about street art culture or you are interested in discovering it’s whereabouts, it’s not that common that you find people in Geelong talking about it. It means that the street art of Geelong has not had the opportunity it should have to expand. It brings so much life into the laneways and spaces that it should be all over the city.