Controlled by Nothing

I call this piece “controlled by nothing”. It utilizes a combination of wheat paste, paint, and sculpture to create an interactive piece of art. The hands are obviously wheat paste because they are slowly pealing off. I find that wheat paste is an integral aspect of street art because it makes the creation of street art more accesable to anyone; even someone who can’t paint or draw could still manage to print onto a piece of paper and mix the glue properly. Perhaps this is a reason there can be a type of tension between graffiti artists and street artists, because wheat paste takes such a small amount of skill. The chains act as a tool to physically connect the pedestrians to the art. It gives them the freedom to decide if they chose to engage in the art. For the piece to be complete there must be a person under it. I like this piece because I have always felt the best street art uses the space to its full advantage; instead of simply layering on top of a building the artist choses to attempt to repurpose it. The artist uses a base of white paint and then pasted the hands on top of the paint.