Menu Overview

Interestingly, in Melbourne's most trendy suburb, furnishing of dinning places is heavily influenced by street art more than anything else (comparing to other industry).

This tour is designed to combine the flourishing street art and dinning culture in Fitzroy, feeling the changes of street art from where it influences the most. At the same time, a dinner safari would make people feel more involved. Four restaurant with different histories, themes and ideas are selected to form the progressive dinner. To enhance the understanding of street art development, the founder or experienced manager of each dinning place will share their own view towards street art. We are going to introduce 4 different stages of street art development: Rejected, Commercialized, Culture Icon, Combination/New Arts. There are 4 major stops in our tour: the starter, main dish, dessert and refreshments. Each component will be running in various restaurants with different atmosphere and we have one speaker in each place to share their views and stories.