Final Stop: Croft Alley

With courage and strength, Mike, Sully and Barry were ready to face their fears and rescue the princess. They marched upon the dingy cave in which the princess was held captive, its high walls enclosing and frightening. The wicked enchantress’ eyes seeped poison as she and her loyal companion stood watch over the princess, the cave surrounding and imposing in on them. Mike, Sully and Barry entered the cave themselves, leaving the dragon to lurk in a corner, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Without even realizing a tiger launched at them, they were protected however by the dragon, who scorched the head of the lion with one exhale. Timid and confused the enchantress retreated. The depths of the cave grew increasingly dark. The shadows of each corner hid new surprises. The enchantress launched at the group, her eyes menacing. With one quick swish of his tale the dragon had impaled her into a corner. This left the princess open. Hidden away, Mike, Sully and Barry, freed her from her cell. After a quick getaway she was free. Returned to her parents, the princess was safe and three unlikely heroes’, who had nothing except courage and blind faith, prevailed over evil.