Main Dish

Main Course: Brother’s Burger
[stage 2: Commercial development]

After finishing the starter and walking along Brunswick street, we are able to see the iconic Smug’s mural. This piece of work used to appear on the front page of Age due to the complaint on its negative image of advertising. Despite the extraordinary painting technique, this painting also functions as an advertisement. With the raising popularity of street art, more and more commercial street arts with advertising functions gradually come to existence. Brother’s burger has demonstrated a perfect example for advertising function of street art. A huge piece of mural was painted by three different artists with the names of OTIS, ITCH, and MAKATRON. They are hired by Brother’s Burger to paint on their wall.

“It helps to attract people’s attention and also is part of the culture here” said by Paul, a passionate young manager of Brother’s Burger, “We don't have much special requirement on the work, they are great artists, especially MAKA, he is very popular. We just let them to performance themselves, and people will like it.” This mural on Brother’s burger is not these three guys’ first cooperation and in this huge piece, each of them is able to keep their own style and demonstrate it separately.

People are attracted by popular street arts and this leads to commercial success for street artists. Sitting in Brother’s burger, you are able to feel that street art is no longer a rejected thing—it’s part of the culture. Chatting with Paul for more stories while having one of the Melbourne’s Finest Wagyu Beef Burger. All burgers here are 100% Wagyu beef patty with melted cheese and much more!