Stop 1 - A Chanel Bag

ACDC Lane is a great environment for experiencing street art and the radical nature it encompasses. While walking through this laneway, keep an eye out for an item that looks slightly out of place. A white item resting on a window ledge. At first glance, it seems like someone has left their high end handbag in the alley way, encouraging you to approach and investigate the luxury item left unattended, silently tapping into the innate temptation to pick up the lost bag.

However on further investigation, a single word on the bag can be read in conjunction with the familiar logo. Consume. This impressive piece of art, greatly resembling a seemingly normal item, has been carefully placed to present a reality check on an accepted ideology. A reminder of consumerism and the endless desire for the unachievable that this brand endorses.

It also causes you to reflect on the potential temptation experienced to take the bag and think on the powerful message that it conveys, allowing you to question the lie of consumerism we are told to embrace, even to the point of considering theft, either from the owner or metaphorically from those who are exploited on the production line. It is an unanticipated wake up call, playfully incorporated into an unexpected medium.

While at this location, spend some time admiring the endless other street art pieces in the laneway, many containing their own subtle message. Also notice the high level of video surveillance, serving to protect against vandalism and other potentially vile acts.

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