Stop 2 - Girl Playing with Fire Hydrant

Seek the girl wearing an oriental patterned jacket spraying orange spray paint from a fire hydrant by Be Free

Walk to the end of Centre Place before the entrance of the plaza and turn right    

Clue 1: Spot the orange spray paint flowing from the girl’s fire hydrant

In an abandoned door way there is a girl playing with a fire hydrant. The dark corners in alleyways are usually avoided by passers-­‐by, regardless of day and night. Graffiti adorned abandoned doorways are usually ignored as it seems to be covered in tags but if you look closer, treasures hide in the most unexpected places. The placement of this particular piece makes you question, why is she playing in a dirty, abandoned doorway?

Be Free’s paste-­‐ups of young girls are usually found on dirty gritty walls or spaces, in hard to reach places. It positions a girl in unlikely place to play, invoking the audience to engage with it, asking them to question what the girl is doing in a broader context. Be free uses paste-­‐ups because of the flexibility in the environment as she can place the pieces literally anywhere and she play with the scale of her pieces to engage with the passers-­‐by.