Stop 3: Sniders Lane

Right near the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale, you’ll find a tiny alleyway off of Drewery Lane called Sniders Lane. Located right near Melbourne Central and the Emporium, hundreds of people walk by each day, but few actually stop to turn into this laneway. The “hipster” bar, Sister Bella, lies within this hidden alleyway, just past a couple of foul dumpsters. It is this social pub that calls attention to the mainstream art in its alley while simultaneously remaining a hidden, underground establishment. Once again, I ask that you consider the Derive, as this will allow you to engage with the art in this alley, continue to wander down, open to exploring the unknown. Debord’s theory allows you to encounter new experiences, as you should here.

The laneway now holds a giant mural of the topless selfie of Kim Kardashian and Em Ratajkowski that was shared on Instagram. Created by a talented street artist, the mural brings attention the mainstream media drama revolving around Kim Kardashian and the many different reactions it evoked. It allows you to stop and think about how this artist is using contemporary issues, feminist concerns and commotion to utilize this public space.

P.S. stop by Sister Bella to play a game of Jenga while enjoying a drink!