Stop 2: Boston Sub + Duke Street

Our second bar stop is as hidden away as the alleyways that this tour is all about. Heading into the understated “Boston Sub” and asking to be let into Jungle Boy will grant you access to the surreptitious speakeasy. A Chapel Street staple, and a favourite among locals and Tinder users alike, Jungle Boy has an air of playfulness that matches the Duke Street perfectly.

Just around the corner from Boston Sub is Duke Street, where an unnamed alleyway can be found. Here, the walls are entirely covered in murals, and more interestingly, even the sky has been adorned, with colourful shoes slung over wires overhead. Here, the art is an interactive medium for some, with several pairs of shoes being found that were not part of the original piece. Similarly, a basketball hoop falls out from a mural, encouraging people to be part of the artwork and play ball against the figures on the walls.