Stop 3: La La Land + Artist's Lane

After the excitement of Jungle Boy, and the colour of Duke Street, it might be time to slow up a bit. For this, head to La La Land on Chapel. A quieter, more relaxed venue than the others, La La is a place to relax, catch up and unwind with a drink and have a chat. The most comfortable couches around, and with an open fire, this is the place to chill out for a bit before the night hits its peak.

Crossing the road and turning into Artists Lane, you find another place you’re going to want to spend some time. Featuring over a hundred metres of murals, tags, slaps and paste ups, Artists Lane is arguably the peak of street art in Melbourne. With works from Kaffeine, Presto, Choq, Ohnoes and many others, there’s no shortage of things to stare at. There’s something for everyone here, with pieces that range from stylized poetry to paste ups such as the ConArt Campbell’s soup can (See if you can spot another one further on in the tour!).