Stop 3

For The third stop of the tour we need to leave Gertrude street just before stop 15 and wander 50 or so meters down little smith street where on the right we can see a garage and fence painted with a beautiful Aussie styled mural. We see an indigenous man playing a guitar on the garage door, whilst there is a platypus and a field of fighting kangaroos on the wall beside. This piece has a blend of indigenous australian art style with the stereotypic hollywood view of ausaliana culture made famous in the 1970s. A statement about how our nation has grown from its traditional roots to the fighting kangaroo, sun beaten land we know today. Now the image of this piece was taken a little while ago and the wall now has some tags and other graffiti on it which points out the other temporary element of street art. Where one day a message could be sent to the public another day the piece could be gone and a new piece may rise.