Stop 1: The Singing Strangler

The strangled body of Gladys Hosking, 40, was found outside Melbourne University on May 18, 1942.  She was the last victim of serial killer Eddie Leonski ‘The Singing Strangler’, who was an American solider stationed in Melbourne during WWII. Gladys, whose name reflects a bygone era itself, was walking home from the University when witnesses say they saw Eddie approach her and ask for directions. This was the third strangulation in three weeks and threw Melbourne women into a state of heightened paranoia. Eddie was caught and transported to the USA where he was hanged.

Walking home late one night,
In black and white, she got a fright, 
She quickly walked down Elgin Street,
And tried to escape the cold, wet sleet,
Rone's large stamp has left its mark, 
Where she was strangled after dark.



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