Stop 2: The Gun-Fight Showdown

Notorious Joseph Leslie ‘Squizzy’ Taylor was one of Melbourne’s key underworld figures between 1918 until his death in the infamous gunfight of 1927. Squizzy started his life of crime by pickpocketing and small robberies, but was also associated with a myriad of murders and heists throughout his gangland reign of terror in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Squizzy’s gruesome end came about in a gunfight in Barkly Street, Carlton. He and his gang arrived via taxi at the house of John ‘Snowy’ Cutmore who was a visiting member of the Sydney gang. In the bullet exchange, both Squizzy and Snowy were fatally wounded, with Squizzy being pronounced dead on arrival at St Vincent’s Hospital.

The Police had won, and Squizzy met his end 
Find the rose with petals of red.
Down the alley, and curved to the right, 
What waits is a blossom of sweet delight! 



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