Stop 4: The Gun Alley Murder

The Gun Alley Murder was the horrific rape and murder of 12 year old Alma Tirtschke, who was found in Gun Alley on December 30, 1921. Unfortunately Gun Alley was built-over and the equivalent location to where present-day Gun Alley would have been is now 120 Collins Street. Colin Campbell Ross was the owner of Australian Wine Saloon which was the last place witnesses saw Alma alive. Ross was hanged for Alma’s rape and murder in 1921, with only one piece of evidence- a single strand of red hair which was removed from his jacket- being collected. Due to completely insufficient evidence, and unreliable witness statements, Ross was granted a posthumous pardon on May 22nd, 2008.

George parade is where to look
Away from Micky, I was took 
And slapped up for the world to see
Hello, my name is _______ come rescue me!



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