Stop 1 - Easey Livin' (Collingwood Power Station)

Our first stop is the large-scale mural painted on the Collingwood Power Station, corner of Easey and Wellington Streets, called ‘Easey Livin’’. Painted in collaboration by world-renowned artists Rone, Adnate, Mayo, Guido Van Helton and Askew, this new iconic work has redefined the space for the public.

Previously painted a gruesome orange colour, this wall was a battleground, consistently tagged by graffiti writers and then repainted by the council. This mural, with the support of the City Council, represents how Juddy Roller and prestigious artists are redefining the perception of street art in the Melbourne urban landscape. Commissioned works are becoming more common and encouraged by governing bodies as a method of not only increasing the community aesthetic but also to combat low level graffiti writers and their tags that are viewed so negatively by the general public. However, take note of Mayo’s beautifully executed tattoo inspired script that forms the background of the work – perhaps allowing a sense of grassroots graffiti writing to emanate.

Interestingly, the work is covered in a graffiti resistant coating, which according to the Neighbourhood Justice Centre means ‘more fabulous street art, less thoughtless vandalism.’ Do you think all graffiti writing is thoughtless?