Stop 3 Rose st/ Spring St

So far you have explored the murals with aerosol and acrylic paints, in this stop you will gain a new insight with other form of street art, the paste-ups. If you could see any black and white portrait that caught floating on the wall or trying to hold on something, you would probably engage with Baby Guerilla’s paste-ups artwork. On this wall above you is the real example of how Baby Guerilla challenge the gravity, set them free and make her art more accessible to passersby who really don’t have time to go to galleries. Freedom is the most appropriate word to represent herself and the motif behind all her artworks. It all about creates a world without violence and dreams from despairs.

As a female artist, Baby guerilla’s passion is just to create art as the way she loves to do, creating large scale floating portrait at the lofty height. Even if it could be dangerous and insecure, she has no intended in proving equalities and masculinity with the male dominated world.