Stop 4 Rose st/ Brunswick st

In this stop, you will have the opportunity to experience other beautiful artworks of street artist Deb and Kaffeine. The first artwork you engage with, before crossing the Brunswick St to the other side of Rose St, is another extraordinary design of Deb. It is a synthesis of a glamorous female with curvaceous tattoo and a distinctive Hindu god. Once again, the female always spread out a look of women’s pride and symbolized its feminine form with high-heel. All in all, although Deb and Lucy have their pride and excitement in celebrating feminine, it does not mean that they are trying to empower the female’s power in this male dominated world. What they are doing is to giving other female art enthusiasts the confidence to step into street art world, just do what they love and make better contributions to this global art culture.

In the small corner on the left side, just right after you cross Brunswick St, you will be amazed at how could you be attracted to such a small and ugly corner like this. Thanks to Kaffeine who often feel the need to turn any abandoned spaces into a mysterious spot. Indeed, I had passed this corner for many times when I was hunting other street artists’ murals, and each time I could see at least one passerby turn to this corner, take a few shots, make others curious and keep walking. Now you know that Kaffeine not only create morbid character-based, she still has other signatures in creating mythical creatures such as bunny kids, dears, horses and this one, the unicorn. Additionally, this example will help you to understand that choosing a right public space to paint is also a key success in bringing street art to a better appreciation and connection with general audiences.