Stop 5: Meyers Place

In the final stretch of our journey, we head to Meyers Place. Upon wandering into this lane, you will find an Invader with mirrored tile eyes greeting you slightly above eye level. The reflective eyes on this piece are captivating as they are reminiscent of a cat’s eyes at night. It feels as though this hiding Invader has been suddenly caught out like an insect on the wall, due to its reflective eyes and its high-up placement. Feel free to capture this last Space Invader for the tour. And why not search for more before they disappear!

The act of capturing Space Invaders is, in itself, also relevant to the artist Invader’s central theme of combining worlds. Whether it’s the worlds of art and the public domain, or the virtual and physical, the distinctions in each are blurred.

In Invader’s eyes, installing tiled works, such as the one above, is not taking anything of value away from the landscape, but rather enhancing it. As Invader himself puts it, it allows him to leave a print not only in the streets of everyday people, but also on their minds.