Stop: 3 Drewery Lane

A short walk or tram ride will lead the audience to the entrance of Drewery Lane, in which a Space Invader appears to be hovering on a ledge on the street corner, in typical video game fashion. This piece has been installed higher as to prevent damage, and most likely would have been installed at night, as it was most likely illegally-placed (as are the majority of his works).

This piece does not blend with the environment as seamlessly as the first, however it doesn’t seem as necessary due to it being out of reach. While its background does match the wall somewhat, the blue makes sure it does not go unnoticed.

This Space Invader appears to be watching the people pass by on the busy street, and due to its colour and large eyes, it invades the space it’s not traditionally meant to be in, however not in an aggressive way. The artist’s intention for the artwork is to escape galleries that works are so often confined to, restricting them to only being seen and enjoyed by few.

This idea of escaping the gallery and invading public spaces is communicated in the term “Space Invader”. This is parallel to the subjects of his works escaping their limited virtual world, and invading ours.