Stop 3

Moving along, another piece, which perfectly fit this theme, is of a young woman tied up. This further enhances the ‘damsel in distress’ argument, and looking closely you see that regardless of her restricted, helpless state – she looks good! Again, it romanticizes the notion of a woman who has been kidnapped and needs saving. She is wearing high heels, makeup, her hair is luscious and in perfect form, and furthermore – she is topless! This goes on to sexualize the once fairytale proposition, bringing in mature themes yet still holding on to the childish theme of the princess who needs saving. Additionally, the woman is placed in a very sexual position, reminiscent of pornography, another industry thriving on the exploitation of women. Like this mural, pornography also highlights the beauty and sexual characteristics of women, objectifying them rather than seeing them as a person, let alone a capable one.