Face the front of the little cafe situated near the middle of Hosier Lane. Position yourself so you are in front of the indent on the cafe’s right. Close your eyes and approach the indent. Splay your hands out and feel along the back of the indent till you reach the left back corner. Trace your fingers around the plump little object. Feel the cold cement seep into your fingers and up your arms. Let your fingers trace over the top, bubbling over the little bumps that speckle its top. Drift your hands along the objects edges, feel the layering of the object and its different textures.

Open your eyes.

Observe the piece again; now with your eyes and hands. What is it? Do the textures all come together with the help of your sight? How does your sight change your experience of the piece? Has the grooves and rugged top of the object changed from something so identifiable to something incredibly familiar.

The ability to touch the art here brings forth the freedom you lack in institutions. You are as free and rebellious as those who created the art that sprawls throughout the lane. You have no restrictions, and with that, a new way to experience art, you are not confined to how you are told to appreciate it; you possess the ability to have your own individual interaction with the piece.