Stop 4 : 183 Flinders Lane

Travelling along Flinders Lane, you will notice that there are quite a few thoroughfares to other streets or dead ends. Whilst we saw that our stop in AC/DC Lane and Hosier Lane, there were street art prevalent in the public spaces and we observed barely none in the other laneways. Many walls appeared to be painted over. In particular, the walls of 183 Flinders Lane appeared to have been repainted by the freeholder in response to evidence of graffiti.

For a sublime restaurant named Adelphi Hotel and Om Nom Restaurant positioned adjacent to the alleyway, vestiges of graffiti present on their premises may discredit the reputation of the aforementioned businesses and communicate to potential patrons the impression of indecency. The influence of vandal imprints in public domains serves to invite misconduct, due to the element of seclusion from the hubbub of commuter activity. The bars and tinted windows on the structures near the incipit alleyway acts to attract crowds aiming to claim a site for offending activities and thus advance an invitation towards delinquent behaviour.