Cast Aways

Step into the lane then face right. Step towards the pipe embedded in the wall. Close your eyes and squat down to the ground. Slowly feel along the ground till you come across an uprising in the stone. Feel the iciness of the object, its closeness to the ground, almost a part of the earth completely. Run your fingers along its ledges, scanning your mind trying to decipher the intrinsic grooves and edges. Feel its grittiness despite its smooth textures. What is it?

Open your eyes.

Observe the piece again; now with your eyes and hands. Is it what you expected? Run your hands along the edges of the object, observing its place in the stone; embedded in its environment. Run your eyes along with your fingers, constructing the object with your two senses.

Street art condones individuality, freedom and rebellion. The accessibility of it further emphasises this as it not only facilitates interaction, it promotes it; it urges you to be curious and investigate society. The practice goads people to seize every experience, use your eyes, ears, touch in order to reclaim a community. It inspires a thirst for experience; to not be told how you should appreciate beautiful things.