Stop 1: Darling

The Glen Waverley line is possibly the most ‘vanilla’ train line in the Melbourne metro system, filled with exhausted corporate workers, equally tired university students and wide-eyed old folks excited for a day in the city. However, traveling on the Glen Waverley line is a great way to see a sample of Melbourne’s street art culture.

The first stop on this tour is Darling station. Parts of the GW line run along the Monash freeway. As a result there are large walls that separate the freeway from the train line. These walls on one side and the fences separating the train line from households are filled with tags. Famous taggers such as Pzor and Jetso also have made a mark on these walls.

Although there are sections of the Glen Waverley line before the Darling station that are filled with examples of street art, they become more noticible after Darling. There are also quite a few large tags just before the East Malvern station.