Stop 4: East Richmond

The second last stop is East Richmond station. This is one station where if you can, you should get down at and explore the alleys that lead into the station, the station car park and the walls of the buildings surrounding the station. There is such a diverse array of artwork from murals to paste ups and stencils to tags.

The point of this tour is to not only see some great artwork along the Glen Waverley line, but to challenge and encourage you to engage with your environment the next time you catch public transport. For example the 200 and 207 bus goes along the Elgin/Johnston Street and passes by some popular works such as the Keith Haring mural. Recently the City of Yarra was interested in starting street art tours. One aspect of seeing street art is the process of exploration and discovery. Instead of going on a council tour, it’s equally effective to take the bus down Johnston Street, get off at each stop and have a look around. That area is like a massive rolling gallery, with a few permanent pieces-you never really know what you will see the next time you go.